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USBprog Firmware download workaround

USBprog is a universal programming adapter that can be used for different microcontrollers by installing different firmware. For this purpose a bootloader is used, which must be installed with another programming adapter first.

USBprog on GitHub:

USBprog bootloader: usbprog_base.hex

Very good documentation for USBprog by Bernhard Walle: USBprog.pdf (homepage:

Installing the firmware

The tool usbprog is used to install the firmware. This tool can be installed by entering

sudo apt install usbprog
in a command prompt.

usbprog tries to fetch a list of the available firmwares from Unfortunately the server has not been available for days.

Workaround to install the firmware with usbprog

usbprog tries to fetch the file versions.xml from It is not possible to update the firmware if this address is not available.

To solve the problem I downloaded the file versions.xml from GitHub, put the available firmwares from GitHub on this server and changed the addresses in the version.xml file accordingly. Now you have to proceed as follows:

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